Monson United Church of Christ

You are invited to worship God with friends and neighbors from the Monson, Abbot, Guilford, Willimantic and Blanchard areas. The Monson United Church of Christ is a community church dedicated to serving the needs--spiritual and otherwise--of our area friends and neighbors. It is a place where all people--young and old, and everyone in between--are welcomed and encouraged to become an active part of our church family and to share the mystery of faith.

We are a church made up of people from all walks of life. Some of us are life-long residents, some are more recent transplants and some are here only in the summer; some are retirees while others are actively employed at the mill.

Whatever your story you are invited to participate in whatever way you feel comfortable.

Church Guild, retreats
Christian youth camp
Children's moment during worship
Sunday School
Bible study classes
Choir, family suppers After worship fellowship
Communion-1st Sunday each month
Special evenings of music
Church fairs
Picnics, community gatherings Graduation recognition
and much, much more.

Holy Week Services--Maundy Thursday,
Good Friday Mediation, Easter Sunrise Service and Breakfast
Pilgrim Lodge
Hanging of the Greens
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Explore spiritual growth with a group of people who welcome diversity of opinion and who realize perfection is not to be found this side of heaven; yet who earnestly believe that it is our responsibility as followers of Christ to actively discern God's call upon our lives and respond as best we are able for the benefit of the many not the few.

The Monson United Church of Christ exists as a diverse community of faith that has come together to celebrate the "good news" and centrality of the gospel message. As a community of faith we value the richness of worship, as well as respect God's call to extend Christian love, fellowship and nurture.

We like to think of ourselves as a large mutually supportive family dedicated to our church, our community and our mission. The Monson United Church of Christ welcomes anyone who desires to explore their spirituality to join with us on our faith journey.

Share your talents and God given gifts in praise of and for the glory of God. Whatever your gifts, if you are seeking a place to share them, to become involved and to serve God, we hope that you will find this church to be an exciting and rewarding place to do so. Whatever forms of involvement that you might be seeking:

Lay participation in worship
The sharing of musical gifts
Teaching children and youth
Serving on the church board
Active in the Guild
Christmas Caroling, whatever,
there is a place for you.

You are encouraged to come and discover the difference that you can make.

Become a part of a young community church that belongs to a denomination with a long and distinguished background. The United Church of Christ stresses the autonomy of its individual member churches, yet each is in covenantal relationship with one another. The United Church of Christ is a "united and uniting church."

Come, Worship, Explore, Share, Celebrate, praise and offer thanksgiving to God, be part of a church family, make new and lasting friends, serve others; come and feel the movement of God's Holy Spirit. The possibilities are truly beyond imagining...

All at the Monson United Church of Christ!

Give us a try, and bring the whole family--the door is always open!

Monson United Church of Christ
North Guilford Road, P.O. Box 204
Monson, Maine 04464
(207) 997-3593
10 am Sunday worship

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